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October 27, 2022

The Round Up - October

Community Updates from the House of Juno for the month of October


In the last community call, we gave you a sneak peek of our loyalty program and introduced JCOIN and the Juno Store. We also have discontinued yield on our platform, launched a new referral program, hit 15k followers on Twitter, and integrated with Ottr wallet.

Halloween is almost around the corner and this month has been a month of treats. Scroll through or read on to know what makes this month special for Juno

Product Updates

Loyalty Program - JCOIN Airdrop

We launched the first-ever, community-only loyalty program in crypto with 100M JCOIN. It is also a one-of-its-kind program where founders, investors, or employees were not allocated any tokens and the ownership rested solely with the community.

Since then, 779,030 JCOIN have been redeemed by the community, reinforcing our faith in launching, distributing, and supporting token-led programs in crypto that beat regular point-driven models.

Jam on with the Juno Store

Juno Store is now LIVE. For all those who wondered, “okay sweet I got JCOIN, but where do I use it?” Well, the Juno Store is a good place to start. Check out in-app boosts to earn a 5.5% bonus on your checking account and 3X JCOIN.

But, that’s just the start. We’ll soon be adding more products and offers that meet your lifestyle needs.

Trading with a Fee

From Oct 15, buying and selling crypto on Juno includes trading fees. Stable coins (USDC, sUSDC, Polygon USDC) are charged a 0.5% trading fee, and non-stable coins (BTC, ETH, AVAX) 1%.

But with JCOIN, you can claim a discount on trading fees. To understand why the trading fee was introduced, how it helps, and how many JCOIN you need, read this

The Big Five

By now, you have spent 5 mins reading this blog, and we’ll give you 5 reasons why the number 5 is special

1. Five percent yearly bonus on USD

Your Juno checking account now earns a 5% bonus for the year from October 19, 2022. As per the new bonus model for USD Deposits, you earn 5% for balances up to $10,000, and 3% for balances over $10,000 up to $250,000.

By the end of the year, you’ll earn $500 if you have at least 10K in the account.

How did we do this?

Banks have a choice when setting the interest rate. In our case, we passed on the fed rates directly to you via our banking partner and added a little bonus on top of it from our end. So, 3.25% Fed rate and 1.75% from Juno gives your 5% on your checking account. Other banks can too but they choose not to. Another thing that works in our favor – we operate without branches. This helps keep our costs low, allowing us to pass on benefits directly to customers like you.

2. Five percent cashback on card spends

The festive season is here. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas are all in line. This means gifting, shopping, and celebrating – in short, more spending.

But what if we told you that your spends will be rewarded?

Earn 5% cashback on card spends for your selected brands and JCOIN on every purchase (yes, every swipe, no cap). So, spend to earn cashback and JCOIN. Owning a Juno card is rewarding because it’s light on your pocket and heavy on the rewards. Go swipe now!

3. The Metal Mania

For those of you with a metal card, we have a little surprise in store. Check your Inbox for more.
Hint: Cashback limit

4. Quests

There are several reasons to be on Juno. Cash-cum-crypto paycheck, yearly bonus, cashback, and loyalty program. To elevate this experience, we now have Quests. To put it simply, quests are nothing but newer ways to get rewarded on Juno for being an early crypto believer.

Check out these quests and claim some JCOIN for yourself

5. The Haunted House of Juno

We have a limited edition Halloween Quest from the Haunted House of Juno. Save the Juno Queen from vampires and earn special rewards for yourself. She needs her trusted Juno Sapiens to vanquish the vampires.

Rescue her.

Company Wins


We raised 18M in series A led by Parafi Capital. With this round of funding, we plan to expand our product suite for crypto natives. Our tokenized loyalty program is the first of several offerings to make crypto-led fintech experiences smooth for you. More on our fundraise here.

We won a Smoothie

Team Juno earned second place at the Smoothie Awards. Smoothie is the web3 cousin of Product Hunt. It recognizes crypto projects that are upvoted by the web3 community.

Finders are keepers

We won the Finder Award for the best crypto debit card for offering the best value for consumers. We beat almost 20 products in the market and were adjudged the winner based on six criteria – cashback rewards, supported cryptocurrencies, deposit methods, ATM transaction fees, Interest rates, and editor’s rating.

Read more to know why we were chosen.

Roadmap Ahead


JCOIN withdrawals

You’ll soon be able to withdraw JCOIN to a wallet of your choice.

Juno x Ledger

Did we say more goodies on the Juno Store? A limited edition Ledger drops soon. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements


Black Friday + Cyber Monday Offers

It’s raining deals! Brace yourselves coz November is getting LIT with offers, deals, and more

That’s it from us this month.


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