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February 28, 2023

The Round Up - February

Community Updates from the House of Juno for the month of February

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Our primary goal at the start of February was to restart our crypto services, and we are delighted to announce we resumed it in the first week of February. We introduced 35+ crypto coins, better prices, zero trading fees, upgraded the referral program, launched gift cards, and introduced a 4% bonus upgrade on deposits over $25k.


Crypto 2.0

We have introduced Crypto 2.0 on Juno with zero trading fees, access to 35+ coins, and better coin prices so you can take advantage of changing market conditions. More details are here.

Gift Cards on Juno

We launched Gift Cards on the Juno store, where you can spend your hard-earned Juno points and redeem gift cards from 30+ popular and everyday brands like Starbucks, Amazon, etc.

4% Bonus Upgrade on over $25k deposits

Not 3%, but now you can earn a 4% annualized bonus on your cash deposits above $25K and up to $250K. More details on how Juno provides a high bonus on cash here.

New Referral Program


Coin Listing announcements

We listed $ADA and $EGLD on Juno. And we celebrated our announcements with Twitter giveaways. Stay tuned and follow our official Twitter handle for more such giveaways in the future.

Trivia Quizzes are Back

We are responding to popular demand and bringing back Trivia quizzes. Join our Discord Server here to participate in them.


Buy 200+ new coins directly from your account

We will be adding support to 200+ new coins. On-ramp support and product integration will be powered by 0x.

Resuming L2 on-ramps and Crypto Paychecks

We are working towards restarting other crypto services, including L2 on-ramps and crypto paychecks, so that you can do more with your crypto on Juno.

Buy Crypto with Card directly

You will be able to instantly buy crypto with a 1-tap feature instead of manually funding your account and then buying crypto.

Spend via Crypto

We will also be restarting crypto card spends. Soon, you can spend your crypto with Juno’s basic/metal card and earn Juno points in return.


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