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June 30, 2022

The Journey from OnJuno to Juno

A peek into our rebranding story

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A lot of sleepless nights and bustling days went into seeking that perfect name. We wanted a name that reflected money, and trust and was friendly. And then we found — Juno. In Roman mythology, Juno is the goddess of money and the protector of wealth.

There’s never a wrong time to do the right thing. That or either the Internet is filled with a lot of quotes we love. Having said that, we have something to share. OnJuno is now Juno. It’s a small change in the name but we waited a lot to get here. And that’s why the timing matters.

When we launched in 2020, we had a solid foundation to build a new product for the financial space. Having introduced crypto and seeing our user base grow rapidly, we were only excited about our journey forward and lent a name to it.

It ticked off all that we had in mind — easy to pronounce, has a ring to it, and represents money. Juno was the perfect name that symbolized what we were building for the crypto-verse. Well, she even had her own temple and a Juno coin, the Juno Moneta.

Because Juno was such a common name, it was tougher to get a trademark for it. So, we slightly modified it to OnJuno, and got the right to use OnJuno sooner than we expected. The truth is that OnJuno is a little tricky to use. It can be a mouthful to add it along with actions and different people pronounce it differently (buy crypto on OnJuno, AnnnJuno, On Juno, etc).

So, we still waited for the OG, Juno. We’ve the TM today and hence we are (finally) Juno.

Besides our name, nothing is changing. We are still building the revolutionary crypto lifestyle product that lets you earn, spend, and pay using crypto. 

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There are a lot of exciting products we’re building and it’s only the beginning.

So, here we are as Juno.

Your friendly account for all things crypto.


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Varun Deshpande
Varun Deshpande
Varun is the co-founder of Juno, a cross border neo bank. A serial entrepreneur with experience in financial services. He writes often about financial inclusion and freedom.

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