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January 13, 2022

How to Withdraw Money from Metamask to Bank Account

Your step-by-step guide to withdrawing from Metamask and cashing out on your earnings.

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If you’ve invested money in cryptocurrency, chances are you hope to know how to withdraw that money someday, too. Platforms like Coinbase can be relatively simple to navigate, even when you want to withdraw money. Other systems, however, like MetaMask, are more complex. MetaMask is an app and browser extension that allows users to access their Ethereum wallet and interact with applications on the blockchain. 

While it’s a popular site for those who are firm ETH users, it actually does not allow users to directly convert their cryptocurrency into fiat currency and withdraw their investment. That being said, we’ll help cover all the steps you need to know how to withdraw from MetaMask. Since MetaMask is one of the most widely used platforms to store ethereum (ETH), it is important to know how to withdraw from it.

How to Withdraw from Metamask 

Unlike platforms like Coinbase, where you can sell your cryptocurrency and directly convert it to fiat currency to withdraw, Metamask is a little more complicated. So, how to withdraw from Metamask then? 

Well, you will need to send your ETH to a currency exchange, like OnJuno, where you can sell it. With OnJuno you can sell your Ethereum and cash out with fiat currency. 

First, you need to unlock your MetaMask wallet. Once you’re in, select the “Ethereum Mainnet” network. You will see your Ethereum balance alongside three icons: “Buy”, “Sell,” and “Swap.” Click on “Send” and all your Ethereum wallet address under “Add Recipient” (you can find this under Crypto Assets on OnJuno). 

After you’ve added your OnJuno wallet as a recipient, make sure that ETH is selected in the “Asset” field and in the “Amount” section enter the amount of ethereum you want to send to your OnJuno wallet. Lastly, click on “Next” and then “Send” to send your ETH. This process will typically take 30 minutes. 

Knowing this process of how to withdraw from Metamask, you can send ETH from MetaMask to a number of other platforms, too. Just use the same process outlined above except with your cryptocurrency wallet address from a site like Binance opposed to OnJuno.

How to Send Money to Your OnJuno Wallet

The process outlined above should allow you to send ETH from MetaMask directly to your OnJuno wallet. From the OnJuno platform, tap the asset you want to deposit from the Home screen (in this case ethereum). Then, either select the “Deposit Crypto” button or the QR code button. You can now scan your OnJuno crypto address from an external wallet like MetaMask. And then, using the steps above, initiate the transfer from MetaMask to OnJuno. In this way, it’s simple and easy to learn how to withdraw from MetaMask, despite its limitations. 

How to Cash Out Money from Your OnJuno Wallet

It doesn’t cost anything to deposit cryptocurrency into your OnJuno wallet, which can make it an attractive place to store and hold cryptocurrency compared to other similar products. If you want to cash out from your OnJuno wallet, however, this is also easy to achieve. First, as with Coinbase, sell your cryptocurrency. You will need to select the crypto asset you want to sell, for this example let’s assume it’s Ethereum. 

To begin, tap the ETH Price Card on your OnJuno home screen. From the ETH Price page, select “Sell.” Enter an amount that you want to sell or a value of your ETH and select “Continue.” You will be prompted to undergo two-factor authentication with your cell phone at this point in the process. Once you enter your 2FA, select “Confirm.” Now that your Ethereum has been sold, the transaction will be listed as “Pending” until completed. And, just like that, you should have fiat currency in your OnJuno checking account. 

Once your money is in your OnJuno checking account, it can either remain there where it can accrue interest in OnJuno’s high-yield checking account, or you can use your debit card to withdraw cash from the thousands of ATMs in the country that link to OnJuno’s checking account. 


Needless to say, this process is not nearly as difficult as it may have seemed from the onset. While MetaMask lacks the systems of Coinbase that allow you to cash out within the app or web browser, it is still easy to withdraw and access your cash at the end of the day.


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