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December 21, 2022

The Greatest NFT auction

Juno Drops is the ultimate auction for the most sought-after NFTs powered by JCOIN

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Of all the things, web3 is loved for, NFT is one of its sweethearts. And the appeal is understandable. The art is elusive, the artists are gifted, and the credits are bragworthy. But these are just surface-level perks.

The real dopamine hit is the ownership. NFTs are highly desirable to collectors because they value the rarity and authenticity of these digital items. This sense of ownership over a digital asset that cannot be altered or reproduced without permission and the immense investment potential it offers is what makes these NFTs aspirational.

Juno Drops: The first-of-its-kind NFT auction

In web3, community powers and empowers you. In October this year, we launched our first-ever loyalty program with our ERC 20 token, Juno Coin (JCOIN). It’s a community-first, loyalty program that rewards members for their on-chain and in-app activities. JCOIN is only for the community with zero allocation for founders, investors, or employees.

Think of it like an AMEX rewards program but all on-chain. Members earn JCOIN for completing specific core actions like spending with their Juno card or inviting friends onto the platform. They then use JCOIN to buy things on the Juno store, get discounts on trading fees, and so on.

Juno Drops is another project of Juno’s community-first initiatives, where you can bid for an exclusive NFT with JCOIN. It’s open for all (members and non-members) but the only thing you need to participate in the auction is JCOIN.

What makes Juno Drops special

Most of the exclusive NFT projects get sold out easily when they’re announced or are super expensive, limited-edition drops. And if you’ve ever waited to get your hands on a BAYC or a Crypto Punks, you’d know how elusive these are.

With Juno Drops, we have attempted to ease the entry barrier to access these NFTs and built a treasury of some of the most-loved projects in the NFT verse. Our public treasury has high-quality NFT projects worth over 50ETH based on their cultural impact, lifetime performance, and their ability to create new utilities for web3 natives.

Currently, we have MAYC, Memeland (9GAG), Adidas Originals, Azuki, Doodles, Kaiju Kingz, and more. You can check them out here. The first drop goes live today, December 21, 9 AM PT and will be live until December 23, 9 AM PT. The highest bidder at the end of 3 days will win the auction and claim the drop.

For details on how to participate, what’s the floor price, and other details, check out this page.

The first of many with Yugaverse

For the first drop, we chose an exclusive Mutant Ape Yacht Club (MAYC) and three Otherside NFTs, which are collectively worth over 17ETH.

With a lifetime trading volume of 470,00 ETH, MAYC from Yuga Labs is one of the most sought-after NFT collections in the world. Its sister collection, the Otherside, is an independent metaverse, where the Otherdeed NFTs can be converted to actual gaming characters, access other experiences in the Otherside, and be a part of an open-world game.

Yuga Labs have been pioneers in the NFT space. They launched the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and made it the world’s largest and most profitable NFT project to date. They have forayed into building not just an ecosystem of NFT collections but also a metaverse of their own.

And what better way to start something big for Juno Drops by auctioning one of the biggest in the league.

What happens after the first drop?

We are quite excited about the first one and plan to conduct a special NFT drop every month. Each drop will have one or more NFTs from the Juno NFT treasury. With such a diverse selection of NFTs on offer, no NFT and web3 enthusiast will want to miss. And we want to bring the world’s most sought-after NFTs to our community as a celebration of the vibrant world of digital art.


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