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December 30, 2022

Juno 2022 Wrapped

What we designed, built, and shipped in the year of the bear

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By this time you’d have seen everyone’s Spotify wrapped and year in a review. While we tried to stay away from it, it was hard not to share all the things we have built with love over this year.

Presenting 22 epic tales for 2022 from the House of Juno

Make every paycheck count

We started the year by launching our moat - get paycheck in crypto. Members can get their entire salary sum in crypto. They also got a cute bonus on their first direct deposit.

Almost 2K members choose crypto as their primary payment method with their paycheck.

Onjuno is now Juno

Our much-awaited rebrand to Juno. It’s derived from the ancient Roman goddess of money and protector of wealth - Juno. It was the perfect name that symbolized what we were building for the crypto-verse and it was a dream come true to own the name.

Getting paid in crypto got a whole lot safer with Ledger

We partnered with Ledger so members could secure their assets. Before self-custody became the buzzword of the year, we were already rooting for it. Members deposited their favorite currencies to their favorite Ledger wallet.

Leveling up with Layer 2s

A faster connection, fewer fees, and adding and withdrawing assets onto L2s became all the more seamless because of our partnerships with Arbtirum and Optimism.

It’s a Mad Mad Stellar Party

As a limited-time cryptoback rewards program, Stellar Madness had our users earn 10% on their card spending with USDC (up to $500 in Stellar USDC) from a total reward pool of $125K

NFT NYC was lit

We were at the most happening NFT event of the year and also hosted a soirée for crypto natives at our Happy Hour party! It was also our first IRL meet-up with innovators, builders, and investors, and it was absolute magic!

Pay the local way with Juno Pay

We partnered with Transak, a leading onramp provider in the Web3 space for Juno Pay. This partnership allows our users to easily buy crypto on their favorite wallets or dApps using popular local payment methods such as CashApp, Venmo, and Zelle. Currently, Juno Pay is only available in the US.

Web3’s loyalty program

One of our biggest flexes this year - Juno points. Juno points unlocks several perks for our members – from deep discounts to rewards, and it’s just the beginning of all the super things to come.

Have you checked out the Juno Store?

The Juno Store is a love story between Juno points and a crypto lifestyle. The best place in web3 to avail discounts, upgrade cashback limits, participate in giveaways, and get cool swag (coming soon). The future of web3 commerce is right here, right now.

PS: It also happens to be one of our favorite love stories this year, especially of our design team.

Grandma cabbage balled hard in our commercial

How to lead a crypto-native lifestyle? Ask Grandma Cabbage for answers. We shipped out an ad commercial making a case for crypto with grandma cabbage as our mascot. Crypto degens will be proud of us for making even grannies invested in crypto. Have a look here to know how to spend your crypto like cash.

The word is out - Ledger got sold out

We did a re-run of the Ledger giveaway with a limited edition Ledger X Deadfellaz. This time we had 200 ledgers up for grabs and once again, we sold out in 10 min flat! Reason 238472 we love our community!

Within 10 mins of launch on the Juno Store, 100 Ledger Nano X Black on Black flew off the shelves. This was a limited edition (only 10000 units ever manufactured) ledger that we listed on the Juno store. Our community bought it with Juno points. But, who would have thought we would crash Ledger’s website too that day!

Explore Juno’s Questopedia

Being in web3 has its perks, especially on Juno. Quests are special, limited-edition Juno points rewards for on-chain activity. We don’t make it all about us all the time. We were just happy building for the crypto community.

To quote a DeGen Julia Roberts,

“We are just a web3 app
Standing in front of crypto natives

Community Milestone - 22K followers in 2022 on Twitter

In August, we hit the 10K follower mark on Twitter and have grown to 22K today. Follow us here if you haven’t already. Cool things happen on Juno, especially on Juno Twitter.

Finder Award - Best crypto debit card

Well, finders are keepers truly. Jokes apart, it felt great to be recognized as the best crypto debit card of the year beating competition. Note to self: keep building, keep shipping.

Community first - always

Going community first was an important decision we took in 2022. Airdropping 100% of our token distribution to our community, monthly community calls to keep the community in the loop, exclusive community giveaways, and learning from our community with our Thursday Trivia sessions were all conscious decisions to treat our community for what they are - our most valuable asset.

Wallet’s getting heavier with Metal

The easiest way to get upgraded to Metal - connect your web3 wallet. Getting more members to experience the magic of metal with wallet connect was one of our big wins this year

No one ever said no to more crypto

Options were limited when we started out and members could only spend via USDC. Today spending via BTC, ETH or mUSDC is possible with your Juno Debit Card.

Haunted House of Juno

One of the topical campaigns that brought us great joy this year was Halloween. At the Haunted House of Juno, our community helped rescue Juno Queen from the vampires and earned some cool rewards.

Fee back on Card

A trading fee does not exactly evoke joy. You know it. We know it. So, we solved it with fee back. For every crypto-trading fee incur, your “cashback limit” increases by the same amount. No cap.

More Coins, Merrier Crypto

We added support for BUSD, UDST, MATIC, and DAI on our platform as we diversify the coin pool. More crypto for everyone to choose and trade from.

Friends of Juno

Crypto winters and bear runs can be sailed through when you work with an ecosystem of builders. A huge shout out to our web3 partners and friends – Ledger, Solana, Polygon, Transak, ZenGo, and Spacekayak. Let’s keep building

The Biggest NFT Auction of the Year!

What’s in store for 2023?

Keep an eye out for us coz we building. That’s it for now folks. Happy 2023!


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