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September 22, 2022

Introducing JCOIN

Snapshot on Sep 30, 2022. Airdrop opens Oct 1, 2022

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Juno provides a checking account for crypto natives to earn, invest, and spend both cash and crypto. Our aim is to build an easy-to-use, trusted, and compliant gateway to crypto and web3. We are now entering the next phase of building a banking platform from the ground up with web3 at its core.

And here’s the more exciting news – we are launching Juno Coin, an ERC20 token, as part of a tokenized loyalty program distributed only to verified account holders. It is one of the first tokens to be launched in the history of crypto only for the community with zero allocation for founders, investors, or employees.

Points are opaque and broken

The consumer banking experience today is fundamentally broken and doesn’t serve the interests of customers. The majority of banks have misleading loyalty programs that are focused primarily on making more money for the institution instead of rewarding customers.

Bank-led closed loyalty programs have misguided customers with opaque rewards that don’t convert into true perks and are devalued at will. To put it simply, we think that’s a bad deal and isn’t fair to the customer. Juno’s loyalty program will be on-chain, verifiable, and community-first, giving true power back where it belongs — with the customer.

Community First

Juno’s loyalty program will distribute tokens (“Loyalty Tokens”) to users as rewards for certain activities on Juno.

  1. Loyalty Tokens will be distributed for free to verified account holders when they engage in certain activities on Juno’s platform.

  2. Juno will not distribute any Loyalty Tokens to officers, employees, or investors, nor will Juno sell any Loyalty Tokens.

  3. Juno will not facilitate secondary trading of the Loyalty Tokens or take any other actions to list or market-make secondary trading of Loyalty Tokens.

Token Economics

  1. Genesis Supply: 1 Billion Juno coins have been minted and will be distributed based on activities on Juno’s platform. After 1 Billion tokens have been exhausted, new 1 Billion tokens will be minted.
  2. Earning: Account holders will Earn Loyalty Tokens at the ratio 1:1 (i.e., “$: Loyalty Tokens,” the “Earn Rate”) for Eligible Transactions (Core Actions).
  3. Halving: Incentives for earning Loyalty Tokens on Juno’s platform will reduce by 50% every time 1 billion new Loyalty Tokens are minted.
  4. Burning: Loyalty tokens redeemed by verified account holders on Juno’s platform will be burned, and Juno will not recirculate or resell any redeemed Loyalty Tokens.
  5. Transfers: Loyalty Tokens can be redeemed on Juno’s platform immediately upon receipt. There will be a 15-day holding period for transfers to open wallets outside of Juno’s platform.
  6. Limits: Juno will impose daily, monthly, and overall platform limits on the number of Loyalty Tokens that may be earned, redeemed, or transferred.
  7. Final Supply: Loyalty Tokens will be distributed as earned by users for the specified activities (core actions) and the supply of Loyalty Tokens will not be capped.

Make every paycheck count

As Juno members, you will be able to earn 1:1 Juno coins (i.e. “$: Loyalty Tokens”) primarily for 2 core actions on the platform - receiving direct deposits and spending with your Juno card.

Work to Earn

We value your paycheck and receiving your paycheck in your Juno account is an important way to showcase your long-term loyalty to the platform. Every time you get paid, you will be rewarded with 1:1 Juno coins.

Example: Once you set up $1000 of direct deposit, you will be rewarded with 1,000 Juno coins, every time you receive this direct deposit till it is disconnected. To encourage more members to get paid in crypto, $1000 of direct deposit in crypto will earn 1:2 or 2,000 Juno coins.

Spend to Earn

Wherever you go, take us along with you. Every time you choose to spend with a Juno card, you will be rewarded with 1:1 Juno coins for this loyalty.

Example: When you use a Juno card to spend $24.5 at your nearest Starbucks for your early morning coffee, you will receive 24.5 Juno coins. To encourage more members to spend crypto, $24.5 spent with a Juno card in crypto (USDC) will earn 1:2 or 49 Juno coins.

Refer to Earn

Juno is better with friends. Starting October 1st, 2022, invite your friends (and work buddies) to Juno and get $10 and 1,000 JCOIN for each friend that funds their crypto wallet.

Example: Share your referral link with your friends. They need to buy or deposit crypto worth $50 or more. Both of you earn $10 for this. You will earn an additional 1000 JCOIN for inviting them and championing us.

Introducing Juno Store

JCOIN opens up a variety of possibilities for rewarding our members. JCOIN will be used to complement a plethora of in-app activities and also enable one to enjoy unique lifestyle experiences via the Juno Store.


Members will be rewarded for completing certain tasks on and off the platform. This will help members discover products and services available on Juno and in the broader crypto ecosystem.

  1. Create and fund your Juno account or Wallet
  2. Refer your friends or family to create a Juno account


We will be introducing boosts that let users supercharge their Juno Accounts. The early version of Boosts will launch by Oct 15, 2022.

  1. Boost interest bonus on checking account
  2. Boost cashback limits for spending with the Juno card

Partner Network

Juno’s open loyalty program will make it easy for brand partners to participate and further benefit our members by providing them access to exclusive benefits.

  1. Shop for exclusive products and experiences with partner brands
  2. Unlock exclusive access to giveaways, events, and merch

It’s time to Live Crypto

Crypto natives in the US are finding existing banks completely inadequate for everyday use of crypto. Juno empowers members to earn part of their paycheck in crypto and use crypto for everyday transactions like bill payments or buying coffee.

Earning and using crypto are critical financial primitives for creating and growing a circular crypto economy. Juno’s tokenized loyalty program is meant to accelerate the growth of crypto economy and help our members live crypto.

We want to thank our community for being our strongest champions and cheerleaders as we build a community-first banking platform for web3. Stay tuned for more updates and announcements in the coming weeks. We are just getting started.

Airdrop on Oct 1, 2022

The Snapshot will be taken on Sept 30, 2022, and the JCOIN will be airdropped on Oct 1, 2022, to eligible users. Over 75,000 Juno members are eligible to claim 150 Million Juno coins in one the largest airdrops in crypto.

1 Billion Juno coins have been minted and will be distributed as earned based on your activity on Juno’s platform. Check your eligibility for the upcoming JCOIN airdrop here.



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