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March 04, 2021

What Is a Passport Travel Document Number?

Confused about travel document numbers on your passport and other visa documents? We're here to help 😊

Each country generates its own set of documents to provide their citizens with the means to identify themselves. These documents also provide various types of coded information like travel document numbers by the issuing government.

This information may include where a document was processed, when it was processed and the biographical information specific to the applicant. For international visitors to the United States they have various types of passport document numbers that they need to be aware of prior to departing to the United States.

For inbound international visitors to the United States they need to be aware of the fact that each document that they have has a specific document number. Depending on your legal status upon entry into the United States, you may have more than one passport document number that may be referenced at different points during your time in the United States. These moments include:

  • When you cross the border into the United States via air, road, or maritime travel.
  • Providing proof of legal ability to work in the US.
  • Various other administrative situations.

Prior to departing to an overseas location it’s a good idea to make copies of your documents. These copies will be useful in the event that you lose or damage documentation needed to visit or reside in a locale foreign to you such as the United States.

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Visa Travel Document Number

If you’re looking to visit or live in the United States you’ll need to check what is required to visit or reside in the United States legally. The requirements for the visa that you may need to request will heavily depend on your home country and your stated purpose in the US.

Once a visa is issued you will find the document number printed in red on the bottom right hand side of the visa that has been embossed inside your passport. This number is 8 characters in length and communicates specific information to officials when scanned into various immigration systems.

Green Card or I-94 Travel Document Number

When you flip over your Green Card you will see a series of numbers on the back. Your passport document number on your Green Card is your Green Card number. What is so interesting about this number is that it’s broken into different informative segments.

These segments include the following information:

  • When the card was processed
  • Which center processed your green card
  • Information related to the applicant’s case.

Passport Travel Document Number

If you have a passport issued by the United States and most countries, you will find your passport document number in the top right hand side of your identification page. This is the page that has your photo on it.

This number is specific to you and provides identifying information that both your home country and the country that you’re entering will need to approve your request to cross their border.

Some Best Practices for the Travel Document Number

Please be aware that each document that you have has a slightly different number. Take the time to review those numbers and understand where they are located. Make copies of your documentation in the event that you may need to replace them either in your home country or while you’re abroad.

Familiarize yourself with the general processes used to help citizens replace lost or damaged documentation. This replacement process may be impeded if you’re unable to show proof of residency, birthplace and other important documentation that establishes proof of identity.


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