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March 02, 2022

Juno Picks: The Top 10 Crypto Podcasts

Our round-up of the ten most popular — and useful — podcasts to listen to if you hope to understand the world of cryptocurrency better.

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Even though podcasts began to blow up well before the pandemic began, their accessibility and charm have not declined. 

If anything, podcasts are more popular than ever, particularly those covering important financial topics, from personal finance to wealth building to cryptocurrency. 

Given that reading isn’t for everyone, podcasts are an easy tool to learn more about a topic you’re interested in — and this list is a great place to start for those looking to dive into the world of cryptocurrency (and even for experts — there’s a crypto podcast for everyone)! 

Top 10 Podcasts


Unchained stands out not only because it tops several lists as the best crypto podcast out there, but also because its host is a woman! In the world of cryptocurrency and finance, where women are still scarce, it’s refreshing to listen to Laura Shin’s weekly, hour-long take on cryptocurrency. 

From talks with industry initiators who explain how crypto and blockchain will change finance as we know it, to more topic discussions such as the recent craze in NFTs or even news stories about how a coding school for girls in Afghanistan led to the promotion of crypto payments as an alternative to PayPal or Western Union, this crypto podcast covers it all. 

Best For: If you like an interview-style approach that covers a lot of ground, this crypto podcast is for you.

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Stephan Livera Podcast

If your main interest with cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, then Stephan Livera’s podcast is a must-listen. What’s amazing about this podcast is that while it dives into a granular level of depth on Bitcoin, from economic theory to mining to nodes, Livera and his guests translate these complex topics and ideas into easily digestible terminology. 

Best For: If you’re a beginner hoping to become an expert on Bitcoin specifically, this is for you! 

The Breakdown 

Another Bitcoin-focused podcast, what makes The Breakdown unique is the sheer amount of content available. While Livera delivers an hour-long podcast every week, the creators of The Breakdown deliver two daily episodes that are roughly fifteen minutes each. As such, this podcast is great if you’re hoping to follow Bitcoin movements and news in real-time to make an investment decision such as buying or selling BTC. Not every podcast episode focuses on hourly movements of the currency, however, making the short episodes on Bitcoin futures exchange-traded funds or regulatory pressure on DeFi and stablecoins even more easy to digest, given that they are merely fifteen minutes long. 

Best For: A Bitcoin fan with a shorter attention span — or one who just wants regular Bitcoin updates! 

What Bitcoin Did

Yet another Bitcoin crypto podcast? Well, hear me out. What Bitcoin Did is the best crypto podcast out there for beginners interested in learning about the core of the coin and technology. 

Moreover, the host, McCormack, gives airtime to Bitcoin critics, allowing listeners to have a balanced perspective, which is rare in the world of crypto and finance. As a listener, you also learn alongside McCormack. In his earlier podcast episodes he, too, knows next to nothing about the cryptocurrency, but he slowly becomes a more sophisticated player with each episode. 

Best For: A true Bitcoin beginner who wants a balanced, unbiased perspective. 

Crypto 101

The Crypto 101 podcast is the best crypto podcast out there for the average cryptocurrency consumer. The Crypto 101 podcast offers news and analysis that is easy to understand for listeners of all crypto backgrounds to learn with ease, and the hosts are known for unpacking complicated topics in a jargon-free manner. 

Moreover, the podcast lengths vary each week from twenty minutes to just over an hour, which means that the content is genuinely good versus being “filler” to meet a “quota” each week. 

There is a clear emphasis on inducting beginners into the basic processes involved in cryptocurrency trading, but a lot of their news takes can be helpful for more experienced crypto traders, as well. 

Best For: A beginner with an interest in the world of cryptocurrency as a whole versus one specific aspect of it.

The Bad Crypto Podcast

Let’s back up for a minute: podcasts should be FUN, right? Well, if you want a podcast that is digestible, will make you laugh, and can still teach you something, look no further than The Bad Crypto Podcast.

The hosts help to demystify the world of Bitcoin, blockchain, other coins such as stablecoins or ether, and other topics geared towards those new to the world of crypto. Each episode is roughly thirty minutes long and two episodes are released each week, so even if this is the only crypto content in your life, it’s easy to learn consistently with the pace and cadence of these episodes. Moreover, the self-effacing humor makes it a fun listening experience, as well. 

Best For: A beginner who wants to learn about crypto in a funny manner instead of getting into the serious nitty-gritties from the get-go.


A newer entry into the crypto podcast world, Bankless tends to focus more on applications and the impact of cryptocurrency rather than the details of how to invest, when to invest, and which coin to buy or sell. 

For example, a recent episode dived into the subject of crypto being environmentally friendly — or not — and other episodes have talked about carbon offsets when it comes to cryptocurrency or uses for the digital currency in underbanked communities. 

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, there’s something to learn from this podcast for everyone curious about cryptocurrency and its impact on our world versus its investment pros and cons. 

Best For: If you’re hoping to learn more about cryptocurrency and its impact in the world around us compared to the investment aspects of cryptocurrency. 

Zero Knowledge

If you’re a crypto expert, don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! The Zero Knowledge podcast is named after the zero-knowledge protocol, which is a method of proving a statement to be true. Essentially, this allows users to share secure information since the zero knowledge protocol verifies a true statement and doesn’t require additional information, as other security systems might. This means that cryptocurrency transactions are kept private and secure, so you don’t even need to disclose your identity, just a true fact, in order to participate in a Bitcoin transaction, for example. 

In the world of crypto, zero knowledge protocol is a core element of verification. And, in this podcast, you will need some knowledge of cryptocurrency to understand the conversations about micro-aspects of cryptocurrency that occur, from privacy to updates to systemic issues. 

In a nutshell, you can expect an informed discussion on data analysis and educated opinions from this crypto podcast. 

Best For: An expert! 

The Decrypt Daily

With two episodes a week averaging about twenty minutes each, The Decrypt Daily is a perfect podcast for both beginners and experts alike. What makes this podcast so unique is its up-to-date discussions on breakthrough changes in the crypto market. 

If you want to get beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum to learn about the lesser-known names and what experts make of those coins, this podcast is for you. 

Best For: If you want to learn about lesser-known crypto coins and topics in a short and easily understandable format. 

Off the Chain

Finally, Off the Chain is one of the most popular crypto podcasts out there. Hosted by Anthony Pompliano, this podcast covers interviews with Wall Street investors and big names in the crypto space, making it a must-listen if you hope to have crypto conversations at dinner parties and truly show off your knowledge. 

While it’s easy enough to learn about cryptocurrency from the podcasts above, it’s tougher to know about the market and the people who move the crypto market, specifically. In order to get into their mind, observe their debates and discussions, listen to this crypto podcast. 

Best For: Anyone wanting to understand the thought processes of some of the biggest crypto investors. 


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