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May 04, 2023

How to pay your Bill from Juno

Pay all your bills by adding Juno's bank account or debit card

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We all have bills to pay. We must pay our monthly bills on car loans, credit cards, mortgages, TV, mobile, etc. And we know paying bills is a tedious process that takes away your considerable time and effort every month.

That's why Juno has introduced a new "bill pay" feature, where you can quickly pay all your bills directly from Juno's account. Bill Pay feature has been the most demanded feature by Juno users and the community, and we are delighted to share you can use Bill Pay and make the most of your cash in your Juno account.

List of Services

1. Auto loans bill pay

You can quickly pay your current auto loan bills ( direct purchase, refinancing) from consumers credit union, light stream, my auto loan, etc., on their website by adding Juno's bank account or debit card details.

2. Mortgages bill pay

Paying mortgages is a hassle. But now you can pay your monthly mortgage on bank or mortgage lender websites like rocket mortgage, movement, cross country mortgage, etc. Start your monthly mortgage payments by adding Juno's bank account or debit card details on their website.

3. Insurance bill pay

Defaulting on your insurance bill pay can void your insurance policies. However, on their website, you can quickly pay your existing life insurance bills from northwestern mutual, mass mutual, new york life, prudential, etc., by adding Juno's bank account or debit card details.

4. Rent and Utility Bill pay

You can quickly pay your utility bills ( Spectrum, AT&T) or rent bills ( Payrent, Rentrack, etc.) directly on their website by adding Juno's bank account or debit card details.

Advantages of setting up your bill pay with Juno

1. Enroll in the auto-pay feature to avoid late payments and charges:

In the US, over 30% of people have failed to pay their bills on time. Failing to pay your bills on time carries late payment charges affecting your credit score in the long run.

Hence, you can enable the auto-pay feature on the service provider's websites while adding Juno's bank account or debit card details. Enabling auto-pay ensures your bills are paid on time without manual intervention.

2. Multiple payment methods

Juno provides various payment methods (bill pay via bank account or debit card), as some providers offer limited payment methods.

For instance, some services like Metro PCS bills can be paid only via debit or credit card; hence using your Juno debit card here is advisable. Having both payment methods will cover all your service providers and gives you more flexibility without worrying.

3. Juno as your primary account to pay your bills and earn a 5% annual bonus

Ensure your Juno account has sufficient cash to cover all your bills from service providers. For convenience, you can set up your monthly paycheck to be deposited directly into your Juno account.

In addition, you earn a 5% bonus on your cash deposits, helping you make extra cash over the long term.

To proceed with online bill pay from your Juno account

  1. Go to the Juno app on your phone or open the Juno website. On the Home screen, click "Account" and click the 'More' button. Under it, select the "Bill pay" option.
  1. Copy the Juno bank account and routing numbers to add a bank as a payment option on the service provider’s website.
  1. Or copy the Juno debit card details to add a debit card as a payment option on the service provider's website.
  1. For adding bank details, paste Juno's bank account details in 'Use a new account under the bank tab on the service provider website (below ref image - AT&T).

Once done, you can pay your Bill. We recommend you select the 'AutoPay" option for your convenience. After every month's end, your payment will be automatically deducted from your Juno account.

Source - AT&T Official website

  1. For adding card details, enter Juno's debit card details on the service provider website (below ref image - Metro PCS).

You can also enable autopay options for paying with the card, where the autopay option is given on the service provider's website.

Source - Metro PCS Official website

You can follow the above steps and pay your bills on all service provider websites (where online payment options are applicable)

Juno's bill pay feature provides a hassle-free solution to pay all your bills on time. You can cover all your bills using Juno's debit card or bank account payment method, making it a one-stop solution for all your financial payment needs. So, Sign up with Juno and enjoy the bill pay benefits.



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